Game: Stupid VS. Cupid

Cupid is forced by the big boss in the sky to work with a new partner, that needs training. The problem is, this newbie is a total idiot. He's going to make Cupid's lovematch-making business very difficult. You play the game as Cupid, and you fly over a landscape where animals move randomly. You can shoot arrows at animals, to make them fall in love and create new couples. The point is to match animals of the same species. There is a second character, Stupid, controlled by the computer, that has exactly the same powers. And he shoots randomly at everything. No matter who shot the arrows, if two animals of identical species fall in love, the point goes to Cupid (you), but if two animals of different species fall in love, the point goes to Stupid.


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Friday, February 8, 2013 - 01:30

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