Game: Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis - a game we have built at the Global Game Jam Israel-Tel-Aviv this weekend using the UNREAL ENGINE and free assets from Garage Games. You are a solitary old man lying on your deathbed, with almost no ability to move. The daemons are coming to take your soul. You will try push them off, but death is inevitable. It's just a matter of time...

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Stay Inside The Box: The whole game takes place in just one screen, no scrolling or changing screens in any way is allowed.
Backwards: One or more aspects of the game works the opposite as would normally be expected: maybe the controller is reversed (left is right, right is left), maybe you win lives every time you die, maybe it scrolls to the left and your character moonwalks.
The Truth is Out There: Some external real world element, such as weather, time of the day, etc, affects gameplay. It MUST affect gameplay and can’t be only a scenario element.


UDK - Unreal Engine


Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 08:38
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Alon Kaplan
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Roee Avramot
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Simon Reisman
ori cohen


Dan Shamir, Simon Reisman, Roee Avramot, Alon Kaplan, Ori Cohen 
Assets from Garage Games


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