Game: Shot Through the Heart

... and you're to blame. You give love a bad name. STtH is a cooperative R-Type shooter. The Cupid brothers (green dots, we don't have graphix) must make their way from Mount Olympus to the realm of the mortal, so that they may work their erotic magic. On the way, however, they encounter a swarm of angry, anatomically-incorrect hearts! Only if they work together will they be able to wreak their amorous mischief!


True Colors: The game uses only the basic 16 colors: black, gray, silver, white, maroon, red, olive, yellow, green, lime, teal, aqua, navy, blue, purple and fuchsia. See color chart
More the Merrier: The game is a competitive or cooperative multiplayer "party game" (i.e., based on minigames, humor, 4+ players, audience engagement, etc.), meant for one screen or more.
May the (Web) Force Be with You: The game runs in a browser with no plugin.


Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Linux / Unix
Server based on the Qt toolkit for C++. Runs on linux-based systems.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 20:25


Jonathan Thomas
Zachary Mattor


Jonathan Thomas - Server, core design

Zachary Mattor - Client, core design

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