Game: Shipwrecked Astronaut

A shipwrecked astronaut tries to gather parts to fix the spaceship he was riding in an asteroid field around Saturn. He is slowly running out of oxygen and moving around with the space suit also consumes oxygen. Oxygen can be refilled by finding oxygen tanks on the asteroids. It is 3D first person game.

Executable or Installer


No installation needed, just extract the files and run the executable file.




Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)


Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 15:38
Mikko Sairo
Hannele Kajanne
Hannu-Pekka Rötkö


Work on heart rate monitor:
Petteri Torssonen, Antti Vikman

Programming and game design:
Mikko Sairo, Hannu-Pekka Rötkö

3D Graphics:
Hannele Kajanne, and others who H-P asked to make some, sadly your names were never revealed to me (Mikko) but you know who you are (and H-P does, gotta ask him).

Music and sounds:
Like with graphics, the awesome studio we had on the premises.

And all the others in the Collapick team that took part in creating the idea and supported us!


Usva's picture
Submitted by Usva on Wed, 01/30/2013 - 14:20

The graphical environment is beautiful and sound design is very good. The game has an intense, immersive atmosphere. I liked the idea of having to look to the side to be able to see the oxygen bar - it's a small detail but really adds to the feel of the game.

I tried the game a few times, only managing to pick up one repair part but never understanding how to attach it to the ship. Could have used more instructions. Also, the controls felt quite stiff. I kind of enjoyed it in a way as an immersive element - as it isn't too easy to move oneself in a spacesuit - but mostly it just felt really frustrating as I kept getting stuck and felt like I wasn't able to move the way I wanted to.

Overall, I think the idea is good and your game stands out (as a different kind of way for implementing the GGJ theme aswell). Well done!

Nukiuchi's picture
Submitted by Nukiuchi on Wed, 01/30/2013 - 15:52

Updated the game to fix couple problems that made the game unfinishable, and also balanced the oxygen consuming rate. The latest version is only the v3 link, executable is still the original that was created at jam, in that state.

And thank you for the feedback! As the scene is in space, the only way to move is to give yourself small accelerating bursts of oxygen to either turn or accelerate. As it is space, even short bursts take you far, and we decided to limit the max speed you can achieve as it would take you far away and fast otherwise.

Attaching parts is done in same way as picking them up or checking your ship at the start, by going close enough and pressing E. E is the Ultimate Interaction Button That Works With Most Objects. :)

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