Game: Robotic Hearts Passing In The Night

Combination of the old shell game plus musical chairs. The game starts with all NPC's in chairs. One of the NPC's is given a heart. A few seconds into the game, the NPC's get up, move around and while they're in the moving mode, and based on distance, the heart will be transferred and visibly disappear. The NPC's will finally return to their chairs (after doing some cool Mixamo animations with some technical glitches by yours truly) and once they settle down the player will select which NPC they think has the heart. If chosen correctly points are given, and the loop repeats.


Stay Inside The Box: The whole game takes place in just one screen, no scrolling or changing screens in any way is allowed.

Just click on the html found in the release folder.  If you don't have the Unity plug-in, it will prompt you.  Easy!



Web browser with special plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)

Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)
Mecanim, iTween and Mixamo models and animations, and one model from DAZ. Game Engine: Unity v4.0.1! Audicity and Reason used for the song, "Mood 5". Some code borrowed from upcoming book by Taylor and Francis Publishers called, "Unity Game Coding Using C#" coming out mid-2013.

Jam Site



Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 23:45




Sillouhette idea, and other moving heart sound by others at the Loveland, Colorado GGJ site including Kit Burgess, Colin Bussey, Ian Brownson, Dave Calabrese.

Mixamo for ALL animations and most models.  

DAZ for one model, "Victoria."

Sound of heart beat by Benbonca:

Music by me.   Thanks to Audacity and Reason.

Code by me. Credit to Taylor & Francis for letting ideas taken from code of our book, "Unity Game Coding in C#". 



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Submitted by MichaelLCroswell on Mon, 03/11/2013 - 23:31

I added a link so you could more easily play it.  Also, since my Unity Pro expired, I made a Basic version.  This one also fixed some visual anomalies.

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