Game: Retreat

Retreat is a survival stealth action game, where you control a patient attempting to escape from a mental asylum, and are obstructed by caretakers trying to calm your psychosis through sedation. Your heart rate affects the severity of your delusions. These delusions alter your perception about who you are, who is obstructing you, and what is surrounding you. As you become more delusional you believe that you are a holy warrior saving the world from demons. Your delusions create artificial walls which you see but are able to walk through. You will need to be skeptical about your beliefs and physical surroundings if you wish to escape to freedom. ================================================================================================== Controls | Arrow Keys = Directional Movement | Space Bar = Attack | Shift = Move Silently | Enter = Start Game | F1 = Restart Level

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 23:13
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Joshua McLean
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Justin Gold
David Silverman


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