Game: RBC (Renegade Blood Cell)

Game is about a blood cell which is renegaded from the other blood cells and is moving in the veins avoiding obstacles(like blood clotting) and incoming waves of cells from behind (when the heart is pumped). Indicator is shown for the incoming blood cells and they can spawn in three different positions i.e. center, right and left. Indicator for the incoming wave is light blinking and sound of heart beat. They can be avoided using arrow keys. If cell collides with wave it gets lost. Game Developers Umair Bhatti Zohaib Javed Content/Graphics Adeel Afzal

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Just Run RBCv1.1.exe




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Unity (any product)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 13:05

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Umair Hameed Bhatti
Zohaib Javed


Binex Solutions(pvt) Limited

Game Developers 

Umair Bhatti 

Zohaib Javed


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Adeel Afzal

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