Game: Pulse

Pulse is a time-based game where players need to make a run for a doctor in a time of 60 seconds while dodging obstacles randomly appearing in their path. They have to balance their pulse between Too-High (which may cause them to wear out and stop for a few seconds to rest) and Too-Low (completely still, not covering any distance). Tapping the UP Key constantly allows the player to move, Spacebar allows the player to jump over obstacles. LEFT and RIGHT keys cause strafing of the player from side to side.

Pulse.rar included in the Source File(s) column contains the executable file. Just extract and PLAY!!




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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 11:50


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Muhammad Sabeeh Zaidi
Muhammad Zain Zaidi


Developers: Sabeeh Zaidi, SaeedUllah, Zain Zaidi

Artwork: Sabeeh Zaidi, SaeedUllah, Zain Zaidi

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