Game: Project Cow Eyes

Spike is a loving older brother to an adorable bouncing (literally since bouncing is their only means of transportation) little girl named Baby. He always looks out for her and when she gets into the most dangerous of situations he feels his own fear and doubt creep up on him like the reaper. He nearly loses his life when she so much as stands on a balcony imagine his terror when he finds she's bounced her way into an abandoned abattoir. You must guide Spike through the deadly slaughter house and try to save his little sister before she hurts herself. Avoid the nefarious hazards such as rusty saw blades which have been reactivated by Baby's bouncing around on the controls.

Executable or Installer


Extract the .zip and run the ProjectCowEyes application... When playing it press enter at the initial red screen, use the left mouse button to jump, avoiding the buzz saws and use right click to restart at the beginning and when you are finished just use esc to exit the game.



XNA game studio in C# was used to make this game.

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Monday, January 28, 2013 - 22:27

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Mihas Konopelko
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Cormac O'Connor


Cormac O'Connor : Designer, lead, programmer - That's me on the right

Mihass Konopelko : Programmer -  He's in the middle

Ken Hogan : Programmer -  This guy's on the left

Kane Madigan : An artist I stole from an other team - He did the foreground

Harry Porter : An other stolen artist - He did the art for Spike and Baby

Brian Quirke : One more stolen artist - He drew the buzz saws

There was one other artist who did the background but in my tired state I forget to get his name... To you mystery artist where ever you may be, I thank you.

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