Game: Poltergeist

It's about a student who was having a warped nightmare about his school and his own house. Starting from the locker room, where he fell asleep, he wanders around to look for a way to wake up. I. Locker: Find a way to the hallway; Press W to move forward and the mouse to turn left or right. II. Hallway: Find the classroom where the boy will be able to go to his house through a warp. III. Second Floor of House: Find the white orb that opens the door to the First Floor of the House. IV.First Floor of House: Find the white orb that opens the gate outside. In order not to die, you have to maintain your heart at a steady level and do not let it get pass the fastest heartbeat you can get.

To play the executable file, download the game from this link:

The source files can only be downloaded here:




Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)


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