Game: Pinko

Have you ever thought about your food's feelings? In this game you will see your diet from a quite different point of view. Pinko, our lovely glutton hero, has the hard task of eat health foods to avoid a heart attack, however he must eat something to keep running for his life. The game controls are quite simple. use the space bar or the "X" key to jump while Pinko run to taste food on his track.


True Colors: The game uses only the basic 16 colors: black, gray, silver, white, maroon, red, olive, yellow, green, lime, teal, aqua, navy, blue, purple and fuchsia. See color chart
Bigger Picture: The game touches on a political, environmental or social issue.

Executable or Installer



Web browser with special plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)

Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 20:41

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hedvan's picture
Hedvan Fernandes Pinto
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Márcio Oliveira
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Anderson Silveira
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Wallas Henrique Sousa dos Santos
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Sidney Araujo Melo


We want to thank my mom, the Hedvan's mom, the Marcio's mon, the Wallas's mom, the Sidney's mom, by the brigth light of our lives. 

We couldn't have made it without the help of unity engine. To be in a GGJ was a marvelous experience and we will always remember it. Our thanks.


If you like the game plot let us know. it will help the decision to conclude this game with more stages and another features. 


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