Game: Paranoia Pandemic

Vampire vs Humans 1 vs many Survival/Horror UDK Short ranged weapon stealth multiplayer game, were one player is a vampire and the rest are humans. Nobody knows who the vampire is besides the vampire. The goal for the vampire is to kill everybody. Game is based around paranoia were the human players have to find and kill the vampire in order to survive and win. Humans use heart monitor to determine if other players are humans or the vampire. If it's a human, then a heart beat sound will play if they're at a close enough range, if not they hear nothing. The vampire has a weapon that appears to be the heart monitor that the humans have, but it's a close range melee weapon instead.




Saturday, January 26, 2013 - 12:22
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Luke Barrow
Nathan James Winfield
Ryan Pearson



Nathan Winfield

Luke Barrow

Chris Payne

Ryan Pearson


Special thanks to David Smith (You're Awesome!)



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