Game: October Fourteenth: a personal story of arrhythmia & synchronization

This game is an autobiographical account of an incident that the game developers found themselves in some time ago. It's possible to save yourself before having to call the ambulance, or before being taken to the hospital. Not knowing how to deal with a situation can be very costly.


True Colors: The game uses only the basic 16 colors: black, gray, silver, white, maroon, red, olive, yellow, green, lime, teal, aqua, navy, blue, purple and fuchsia. See color chart
Approved for All Audiences: The game must not show any violence, not even cartoonish. Stepping on living mushrooms is off the list, as is killing any type of enemies, not even undead, though we know they’re already dead…
Bigger Picture: The game touches on a political, environmental or social issue.
May the (Web) Force Be with You: The game runs in a browser with no plugin.


Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)


Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 23:09


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gj lee
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Brian S. Chung


Designed & Developed by Brian S. Chung & gj lee


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Submitted by kranzky on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 07:18

I enjoyed experiencing your game.

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