Game: Norton and Eve Virus

Norton and Eve Virus is about two viral bacterium that are inside of a man named Kavpervsky. While Kavpervsky fights the virus inside of him, you play as the love couple two find Kavpervsky's heart. The game is based off of cooperative play in which one player controls Norton and the other controls Eve. Norton and Eve die over time due to the good health of Kavpervsky, so in order to survive over time, you must eat his red blood cells that are moving around in his veins. Kavpervsky's white blood cells try to kill you in your attempt to reach the heart. To reach your destination faster, you can bump into the sides of Kavpersky's veins to produce a heartbeat that increases his blood pressure, making the player move faster. Both players start out in a different location of the heart. There are two win conditions, one is to reach the heart with both players, the other is to reach the heart twice with one player. - The second player moves with the IJKL buttons instead of the arrow keys shown in the HOW TO PLAY screen. We hope you have fun! Thanks!

Executable or Installer



Mac OS X+

Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 17:28

Source File(s)

Wesley Bondie


2D Artist / Art Direction - Zoe Xanos
Programmer - Sergei Fedorov
Programmer / Designer / Producer - Christos Lappas
Programmer - James Becker
3d Artist - Wesley Bondie
Sound Designer / Composer - David Vicente
3D Artist - Ren Wilkey
Designer - Tom Field

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