Game: Nain porte quoi

A dwarf tries to steal a dragon's treasure in his cave. But he has to be careful ! The beast is slightly asleep... The little dwarf has to walk slowly when he hears the giant reptile's heart beat. He has to escape with maximum gold without waking him up or bad things will happen..!


Stay Inside The Box: The whole game takes place in just one screen, no scrolling or changing screens in any way is allowed.

In the release directory, you'll find the XNA installer (xnafx40_redist.exe). Run it to ensure you have an up to date version.

Before you play the game, please make sure that you've speakers plugged in and activated. Then, you may launch the game.





Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 11:52


Anthony SIMON
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Andy Vennet
Anento Alexis
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Alizée Mialane
Michèle Kopff
Alexis Payen de la Garanderie
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Aurélien Lefrançois
Jean-David_Jacquemin's picture
Jean-David Jacquemin


Anthony Simon - Visual conception (charac design, fx)

Andy Vennet - Visual conception (set, fx)


Alexis Payen de la Garanderie - Programming


Michèle Kopff - Sound Design

Aurélin LeFrançois - Sound Design


Alizée Mialane - Game Design, Ergonomics, Writting

Alexis Anento - Game Design, Writting

Jean-David Jacquemin - Game Design, Writting, Management 

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