Game: Monster's Crush

Dear Monty, Thank you for your last letter. Your Letters make me feel so happy! OMG, I totally LMAO reading the story about the dead Unicorn! Still can’t believe your friend wanted to EAT it?! Speaking of monsters... You know when you have that feeling someone is watching you? I get freaked out lately because I feel two BIG UGLY eyes are watching my every move. Sometimes I can almost sweat some FREAK is like... STALKING me or smthng. Anyway, sorry for leaving this short note but I gotta go to school now. Once again, I really hope we can meet up soon. Hope to hear hear from you soon, I totally ♥ your messages... Lots of hugs, xx Danja PS. I finally managed to print that photo, I don’t like it actually ;) And do send me one of you, unless you look even more MONSTROUS then I do on pictures!


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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 10:55




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