Game: MeatMan (BeatMan)

Give life to BeatMan! BeatMan (aka MeatMan) is a puzzle game where you assemble a random group of body parts to stop BeatMan from loosing all his blood. Connect vein to vein or artery to artery to reduce the stress on BeatMan’s heart. If you over stress BeatMan’s heart you’re likely to give him a heart attack! Developer Notes: - Artery to artery or vein to vein logic isn’t working 100% - The game play needs more work as right now you’ll always run out of blood - Body parts inherit from a single parent that has all the logic of blood flow - Removing a part in the middle of a connection stream likely doesn’t work as expected - The parts should have a center of mass and rotate when picked up accordingly. This would remove the neat for the A and D key to rotate the parts - A blender should be added to the end of the conveyer belt - The parts shouldn’t come our in a totally random order, where the same parts may repeat. The full set of parts (27) should be presented in a random order instead. - Overlapping parts can be a problem when you try to move them, there’s no ability to just select the front part - Needs sounds for the splashing blood and parts that fall of the conveyer Game Play: - Grab body parts and attach them to the heart. - You must attach them vein to vein or artery to artery. Connecting vein to artery stresses BeatMan’s heart. - Use A and D to rotate the parts - Cheat: Ctrl to add more blood (should be removed when the game play is fixed) Developers - Nicholas, William and Paul (last names excluded to protect the innocent) Environment - GameMaker 8.1 (Pro) Art Work and Coding - Nicholas and William Body Part Coding - Paul Thanks to the Calgary organizers of GameJam 2013! We had a great time!


Stay Inside The Box: The whole game takes place in just one screen, no scrolling or changing screens in any way is allowed.

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Game Maker (any product)
MS Paint (can you tell?)

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Monday, January 28, 2013 - 05:05

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William Ling
Paul Cooper
Nicholas Lepine


Nicholas Lepine, William Ling, Paul Cooper

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