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In a world of exponential technologies, our perception of every industry has changed. KryptonWorx aims to harness this technology to bring about innovative solutions for everyday health issues which we face. Through its Health in Colors initiative, KryptonWorx tries to change the perception of health into a physical, mental and social responsibility rather than a service. The solutions aim to help people gain control over their health by targeting relevant personalized information, and offering possible options which drive an intrinsic call for behavioral change. Lub Dub provides its users with an entertaining experience based on Health in Colors. The game is based around ‘Ilias’ a character that is challenged with several mini-missions inside the human body, and his goal is to maintain a healthy body by defeating the various pathological threats along his journey. This game is intended to give the user both an engaging, action-packed game and a simultaneous educational experience.



Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 05:51

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Omar Shaker
Karim galil
moustafa abdulRahman mohammed
Mohamed Nasr
Mohamed Hasan


Team Members:


-Mohammed Hassan

-Ahmed Naggar


-Mohammed Saffa

-Mustafa Mourad

Marketing :

Karim Galil

Omar Shaker




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