Game: Lobo's Revenge

Lobo's Revenge the player takes on the roll of the white blood cell. You job is to clean up the body and eat all the bad viruses. Just be sure to watch out for the HIV virus, you will make a tasty snack for him. Lobo will follow the players mouse around the screen. If you hold down the left mouse button Lobo will move faster. Known Bugs If Lobo goes to far off the screen he may not come back. End game screen goes back to title screen after 5 seconds, however score does not reset and you win once you hit play. Win game screen does not cycle back to title screen.



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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 23:46

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william fisher
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Chris Hatchie


Code: Will Fisher, Chris Hatchie

Art: Will Fisher, Troy Goering, Chris Hatchie

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