Game: Life is a Beat

The game is about the mind and heart of a man who finds himself on a coma and regrets most of his life's doings. You, as an etheral form of this man, must stop his memory personifications from performing vicious acts against his wife, son, and even himself. On the first level you must throw objects with the X button to stop him from reaching his wife. On the second level, you must guide his son away from him, while making the bad guy step on some toys to get hurt. On the two final levels you will battle your addicted self and the most evil part of your soul.

Executable or Installer



Created with Microsoft XNA


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 19:48


Vitor Eduardo Budoia
Yan Magalhães Ribeiro da Costa
davilisboavargas's picture
Davi Lisboa
joaorequiao's picture
João Felipe Souza Requião


Joao Requiao - Programming

Davi Lisboa - 2DArt

Vitor Budoia - Composer

Yan Magalhães - Game Designer / Game Tester

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