Game: Jupitelite

Jupitelite is a 2D platformer about an alien name Io escaping from Area 51. There is a power-outage which frees him from his cell but also throws him into almost complete darkness. He can use his bio-light to show him the way, however this raises his heartbeat and also makes the platforms move faster (recycled alien technology, biologically connected to his alien race, that the government tried to utilize). Your objective is to navigate through the levels and meet your girlfriend outside of the government facility, where she is waiting for you in a spaceship to take you home.

The "Index.html" file, the run file in the downloadable zip file, seems to only work in Internet Explorer, not Google Chrome at the moment.



Using Construct 2 (free version).

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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 20:42
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Gerald Franklin
Adam Mostel
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Conceived, Designed, Programmed and Arted by:
Adam Mostel
Gerald Franklin
Holly Rothrock

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