Game: Impulsion (final build)

Your heart has stopped, you have ceased breathing, your brainwaves are all but gone. You are medically dead. But not entirely, as your consciousness struggles to stay alive. After navigating your way out of the brain, you must find the core of your heart and restart it. Take care to avoid the viruses that plague your body - tag them with antibodies to alert the vigilant white blood cells, they'll take care of the parasites. As your brain's last mental impulses fade, you must fight to regain your pulse - in French, "Impulsion". and remember - don't go into the light!!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 04:31

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Todday's picture
Todday Gaither
Mackenzie Riley
Patrick Hanchek
Marvin Hawkins


Team Pulse:

Patrick Hanchek - Producer, design lead, programmer

Mackenzie Riley - sprite art and animation

Todday Gaither - level design, level construction

Marvin Hawkins - level construction

DePaul Sound Team - sound and music

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