Game: The Hunt

The Hunt is a first person arcade shooter game that thrusts you into action packed levels full of highly trained mercenary soldiers in a quest to find and collect all the all too valuable ancient golden hearts.


X Marks the Spot: The game involves something location-based, such as a geocache, or requires the player to go to one or more specific geographic locations.

Executable or Installer



UDK - Unreal development kit Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 Student Edition Autodesk maya 2013 Student Edition Autodesk Mudbox 2013 Student Edition Google Sketchup Adobe Photoshop Adobe Audition


Sunday, February 3, 2013 - 16:04


Ahmed Mamdouh Shorab
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Doaa M Tharwat
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Mohamed G. Elmatary


UDK and the unreal engine are property of their respective owners, some engine models were used and the auther of the game does not claim any ownership of them,

this game was created by:
Mohamed G. Elmatary

Special Art and documentation:
Doaa M. Tharwat

Special Thanks to:
Ahmed Mamdouh Shorab 

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