Game: Her Heart

During my freelancing time at the Global Game Jam, Dublin, assisting other game teams with their 3D and 2D assets I had some time to tackle my own project. Initially the idea was to make a short horror narrative experience. However during the development of my game, 20 hours in, the latest version of UDK had shown some incompatibilities with my laptop and I was forced to downgrade and start the level again. Story: ------------------------- Her Heart is a short narrative about a small family in a large mansion. You play the father, who, like any other family, experiences both heartbreak and happiness along the way. But what happens when the heartbreak becomes too much? ------------------------- As stated earlier, I had 20 hours to finish this game due to the issues half way through, so here is my concept and ideas I was going to add to the game. Two section Narrative: The idea here was to split the narrative into two parts, the first was voice over, used to depict a happy life and memories of months prior to the game. The second was diary entries, written the previous night from when the game takes place. These diary entries are what explains the short story, and indeed what tells the plot of the story. Multiple Ending: Depending on which narrative was followed more, an alternate ending with Mary would be found, if it was more diary than voice over, she would sit up and look at the player before the game finished. Candles: Like any other horror game, you need a horror mechanic. My mechanic for this game was to create my own candle 'weapon' in UDK and allow the player to use it to show off areas. :::::IMPORTANT:::::: Gameplay guide: Due to unforseen time constraints, I was forced not to populate the level as much as I wanted. As a result, you will have to walk into some rooms and literally rub off the walls to find some of the triggers that play the narrative. ::::Disclaimer::::::: Although I use Unrealscript, I am primarily an environment artist, so I used this time to make some props for my portfolio. Along with freelancing for other teams, what you see here in this UDK project was the result of having a bit of time to myself during the event and keeping myself busy. ----------------------------- This game was developed by Scott 'Sythen' Baker of Environment Artist, Coder and Creative Director of Creativecore Games. Portfolio: CCG Url: -----------------------------

Run the Installer file, then run 'Her Heart' from Start>All Programs. Alternatively, Run the game after installation.



Unreal Development Kit and Quixel's nDo 2 were used in the development of this game.


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 05:15

Source File(s)



Declan Fitzpatrick - Mary's Character Model and Morge Table
Martin O'Shea - Voice over Recording and Music work

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