Game: HeartWorm

This is a class snake game with added timing a heartbeats. The heartbeat used in the game is the original audio provided as the theme.

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The provided .zip file contains distributions for Win32, Win64, Linux32, as well as the base .love file for the Love2d Engine.

If you have ANY issues with this, just download the Love engine from and either double-click the .love package or drag-and-drop it onto the Love executable once installed.



Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
other digital platform
This game was made for the Love2d game engine. I am providing binaries for many platforms, but if those do not work, just download the engine from the Love2d website at:


Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 23:52

Source File(s)



Brian Wilson (@bwdevel) - Everything but the following:

codeman38 - Press Start font

Annakaisa Kultima (@aakoo) - Heartbeat

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