Game: Hearto Man

When the Earth is in danger The mankind acclaims for a hero A truthful and beloved one Hearto Man. Hearto Man is a Supreme Being from the Universe. His energy is Love, and he is in everyplace where help is needed against the Evil. You must fight against the Monsters that are trying to destroy Earth. They want to eat and destroy everything, and only Hearto Man can stop them. Full your energy bar with the mankind aurea, flying near the humans. Shoot the monsters with a regular fire and a special one, the Modrameha, a powerful energy beam from his heart.




Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 18:01


José Vitor Calfa da SIlva
Arthur Engelmann Coelho
tsubota's picture
Guilherme Tsubota
azchohfi's picture
Alexandre Zollinger Chohfi


Guilherme Tsubota - game director

José Vitor Calfa - lead artist / animator

Alexandre Chohfi - lead programmer

Arthur Engelmann Coelho - sound effects / video editing

Thiago Ádamo - sound track / effects

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