Game: Heartbeat Challenge

Social akwardness and a racing heart. You get nervous when people are staring at you. The more nervous you get, the faster your heart beats. Get to the beer before you run out of heartbeats.

Executable or Installer


You can run this program by double clicking the jar HeartBeatChallenge.jar


or by running it from a terminal in its local directory by typing 


java -jar HeartBeatChallenge.jar




You move around with A, S, W, D and your mission is to get to the beer (you drunk and want more booze) before your weak heart beats its last beat... Beware of the staring people around you!

Cause you're a Finn and you are afraid when somebody is looking at you - you heart beats faster, so you die faster!




Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
Java, Slick 2D, JBox2D, LWJGL

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 18:05


mzavadskiy's picture
Maxim Zavadskiy
Lasse Lybeck
Kissa3's picture
Joonas Turner
Anders Forsman
Göran Maconi
Christoffer Fridlund


Design: Anders Forsman

Code: Lasse Lybeck, Maxim Zavadskiy, Christoffer Fridlund

Graphics: Göran Maconi

Special thanks: Joonas Turner


Illari's picture
Submitted by Illari on Thu, 01/31/2013 - 19:35

in 1024x600 the credits and starting point get cut off and I can't see beer in level 3

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