Game: Heart of the Forest

You are the heart of a land in need of beautification.. Tap to the beat and see lands grow! A rhythm game for all the seasons!


Approved for All Audiences: The game must not show any violence, not even cartoonish. Stepping on living mushrooms is off the list, as is killing any type of enemies, not even undead, though we know they’re already dead…



Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)


Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 04:07
Arvin Raditya Gunawan
Derek Lau
Alastair Sew Hoy


Programming - Arvin Gunawan

Programming/Audio - Alex North

Art - Derek Lau

Art & Concept - Alastair Sew Hoy


Soundtrack: Vivaldi - Four Seasons


Yllogique's picture
Submitted by Yllogique on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 21:42

Hi guys, your game looks gorgeous and I'd very much like to play it, but the download only redirects me to an endless string of weird characters ? 

davesummerville's picture
Submitted by davesummerville on Sun, 02/03/2013 - 10:55

If you right click on the link and select "Save link as..." or similar depending on what web browser you are using you should be able to download the file. It is a 7-zip file so you will need a program that can unzip that file type such as the 7-zip program or Winrar.

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