Game: Heart of the Dead God

In an asylum in Victorian London, Wilhelm is trapped. He wonders why everyone's emotions around him are so chaotic, when it is him that is causing this turmoil due to his own emotions, his own heart. When he was young he suffered from an unknown heart disease, his mother made a pact with The Dead God, where he gave his own heart to her son, Wilhelm. Now the The Dead God wants it back, sending his agents, his demons after Wilhelm. Help Wilhelm escape the asylum, without his heartbeat rising high enough so that the demons can hear its call.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 21:23
Christopher Alan Tabor
Maggie Schultz
Alanna Ray
Shelby Heronimus
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Drew Welch
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Braydon Hanson
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Colin A Morris
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Kaitlyn Poppe
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