Game: Heart of the Dead

Heart of the Dead is a game about trying to survive for as long as possible after being infected by a dangerous and highly lethal plague that turns victims into zombies. Players must face countless hoards of zombies while finding ways to increase their chance of survival, such as finding weapon and medkits. Since the player is infected, health decreases slowly over time. This makes finding med kits extremely important and one of the main missions of the game. Players can also slow down the hoardes of zombies by repairing all entryways of the house, which include doors and windows. This can be done with the secondary weapon the player currently carries. This weapon changes for the better once the player levels up. The player levels up based off of their score. There is also a power-up that slows down every thing, except for the player's movement. Since this is a game strictly based off of survival, there is no win condition. The player's score increases depending on how long he/she survives, how many zombies have been killed, and how many items have been found. Heart of the Dead fits well with this year's theme of a heart. The player turns into a zombie once the health of the player's heart dies off. The health of the heart decreases slowly over time since player's start off the game as one of the infected. Health also decreases if the player is hit by a zombie or if they are hit by the blast of a mega fat zombie's acid-filled heart. Once the health of the heart reaches zero, the player turns into a zombie. Players can go back to the main menu by taking control of the zombie and walking off the screen.

Executable or Installer


Just double-click the .exe



Mac OS X+

Tools and Technologies

Game Maker (any product)
Adobe Flash. Adobe Photoshop.


Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 20:15




Ben Baris - Character Art/Animation/Sound

Ryan Gaido- Programming/Design

Derek Ritzenberg - Digital Art/Illustrations/Design

Tyler Ager - Sound and Audio

Chris Esko - Programming/Textures


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