Game: Heart Beater - Voodoo Apocalypse: Heart Knuckle Action!

The great Baron Samedi has been drunk under the table by the dreadful Baron Kriminel. As Samedi is laid low by a crippling hangover the dead are unable to pass from the realm of the living, and instead are possessed by the evil spirits of Kriminel wreaking wanton destruction on the world of the living. You take the role of Hounga Ghede, a voodoo priest in the jungles of Nicaragua, striving to restore order to the world and doing so by beating the dead back to the afterlife using their own innards!


Programming base: SFML Library, C++ Art: Adobe Software,


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 23:46
niklas.linder.39's picture
Niklas Linder
ElectricitysmoothBridgemountain's picture
Ellen Broberg
E.Hegle's picture
Emil Helge
viktor.blomqvist.58's picture
Viktor Klon Blomqvist
sebastian.zander.71's picture
Sebastian Zander
sean.langre's picture
Sean Pressdee Langré
aron.ahlback's picture
Aron Ahlbäck
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Anton Fernando Skatt Ochoa
jimmy nilsson


Design and Writing: Aron Ahlbäck, Emil Helge

Artists: Viktor Klon Blomkvist, Ellen Broberg

Programming: Niklas Linder, Sean Langre, Sebastian Zander, Jimmy Nilsson

Music and Soundeffects: Anton Skatt

Thanks too:
University of Skövde
GGJ organizers, global and local scope
Those who feel they are owed

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