Game: Heart Attack

Heart Attack is a heart-beat-em-up game where you play as a not-so-good-hearted anthropomorphic heart (did we mention it’s about hearts?). Separated from your host, you are now left to wander the bloody thirsty city streets alone, using whatever weapons you might find. Will you survive the heart-stopping action, or will your efforts be in vein?

Executable or Installer


Download the .exe and double-click the icon to play! :)



Programmed in Multimedia Fusion, Art done in Photoshop, Music done in Finale Notepad and Mixcraft 6

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 02:14

Source File(s)

Adam Kruchkow
Devin Hilpert
Jeremy Reece
Pepperpwni's picture
Reginald Franklin III
Thomas Wainwright


Art - Devin Hilpert, Reginald Franklin

Programming - Adam Kruchkow, Reginald Franklin

Music and Sound - Jeremy Reece, Thomas Wainwright, Devin Hilpert

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