Game: Heart Attack

Heart attack is a defense game. Players takes it's place as hearts defense system in persons body that has infected by mysterious virus which affects heart. Goal is to keep all threats away from the heart as long as possible. Time is shown as lived human years. Difficulty is continuously increasing as the defended person gets older and virus gets stronger. Virus has different forms some are strong, some moves faster and some are hard to detect. Tips: Learn all the virus types and focus strongest types. Find boosts which you can use to defeat stronger viruses. Use your collectible boost on right time.

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Extract and run Heart Attack.exe 




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Unity (any product)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 21:54

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Heikki Tikkanen
Juho Rantakangas
Joonas Häkkinen
Niina Siitari
jarkko piippo
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Petri Hannula


Joonas Häkkinen - Programming and music

Antti Honkanen - Programming

Petri Hannula - Programming

Jarkko Piippo - 3D modeling and animations

Juho Rantakangas - 3D modeling 

Niina Siitari - Ui and graphics design 

Juraj Kyppö - Ui and graphics design

Heikki Tikkanen - Audio and music


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