Game: Half-a-Heart

First time entry in Global Game Jam, first time developing for OUYA! A simple game that tells the tale of two robots whose internal oscillators have failed. Finding a heart and deciding to rely on its synchronizing heartbeat until the inevitable end, these two robots will run as far as they can. Controls are simple: left stick to move, O to jump, and U to latch onto the heart. The robot attached to the heart maintains operational capacity, so the game is a matter of sharing with your comrade and moving along to get as far as possible! (Admittedly, this is still heavily in the prototype stage and not polished up much. There is little diversity to the play mechanic and the system is easily exploited. However, I met my goal of participating and doing it on my OUYA.)

Executable or Installer


This was built for and tested on an OUYA. No guarantees it'll run on another Android device. Sideload to install using adb. The command necessary is:

adb install HalfAHeart-20130128.apk



Android device
OUYA, libgdx

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Monday, January 28, 2013 - 17:12

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