Game: Haggis Hunter

The Haggis is out there, it's heartbeat calls you. Pursue the Haggis, with just your trusty flashlight for protection. But watch out - the Haggis is scared of being illuminated, but has no problem finding the source of the light.... The Haggis will run away if you shine your torch at it, but if you don't light it up, it knows where you are and will chase you. Note that this was made whilst I was site organiser, so all in it probably had only 10 hours spent on it, and by only one person as I kept getting called away to other things. Controls * WASD for movement * Mouse to look * Left mouse button to activate the torch Note that it's not complete, and in particular the AI (ironically since this is my specialism) is not well done. The attack behaviour isn't implemented and the Haggis has a habit of getting stuck. So it's basically a prototype of the concept, but hopefully you can see where it might go.


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Monday, January 28, 2013 - 16:19

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Luke Dicken
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