Game: Follow "Your" Heart

Your girl has been kidnapped All that remains is her heart! It is up to you to find the remaining pieces. Good Luck! Use the arrow keys to navigate the haunted mansion. Use your girlfriends heart to find her missing body parts. When you get close to a body part, her heart will beat louder. The black bar above the main characters head is the "Scare Meter" There are things throughout the mansion that will scare your pants off. If your scare meter reaches full capacity you will be sent to the entrance of the mansion. After you collect all the "pieces" you must Follow "Your" Heart to find the exit, as you near the exit her heart will beat louder as well.

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Monday, January 28, 2013 - 13:42

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Paul Bentheimer
Liang Zheng Gooi
David Lorge
Kristopher Fournier


Paul Bentheimer -  Art/Animation

Kristopher Fournier - Audio/Level Design

Liang Zheng Gooi - Programming

David Lorge- Level Art

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