Game: Fallax Mors

The player is dropped into a dark and horrifying hospital, trying desperately to find a way to escape. The hospital is broken into down into four levels, each providing its own set of puzzles and perils to stop the progress of the player. The halls of the unholy building aren’t unoccupied however, because hordes of enemies have taken up residence there. Some of the creatures range from simple zombie patients, to blood sucking vampire doctors. In order to combat the threats of the hospital, the player can find a variety of powerful tools and items to help increase their chances of survival. The player can pick up weapons ranging from a simple Taser to syringes. Regardless of how the game is played, players are in for quite the experience….

Executable or Installer




Tools and Technologies

Game Maker (any product)
Adobe Photoshop CS5, Audacity, FL Studios, Garageband,


Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 02:56


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David Wolff
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Bethany Rose Einer
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Richelle A. Raun
Shayne Cline
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Braedon Reese
Joseph Kanaly


Props to the following people who worked on the game, or influenced it in someway shape or form.

David Wolff - Programmer

Shayne Cline - Programmer, Sound Development(Music)

Bethany Einer - 1/2 of the amazing artistry that we are so unworthy of.

Richelle Raun - The other half of that artistry.

Joey Kanaly - For being an overall awesome person. We might not have been able to get the multiplayer up, but you helped with Concept Design and just keeping us sane the entire time that we were there.

Braedon Reese - Concept, Sound, Level Designs, Game Mechanics, pretty much keeping everyone organized more than actual jobs.

A large thanks goes out to the professors at Herzing University in Madison, WI. Aaron Kahn, Paul Johann, Greg Vaughn, and Erik Pederson. You guys, whether stopping in to helping out with a few lines of code, or just encouraging us to push even harder to get our very first game out as soon as possible, were truly a crux to our success at the Game Jam. Thank you.

And thank anyone else who made this event possible, and whoever attended. It was honestly one of the best times I have ever had in my life thus far, and I will likely not miss another Jam for the rest of my time at Herzing... maybe even beyond that.

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