Game: The Escaper

"Escape from the Enemy!" Player will play as "The Escaper", Try to escape from the robot called "heart eater" and head to the goal called "Green Gate". More exercise player make(Jumping, Running, Swimming ect.), the faster heart beat will generate. The heart eater will detect your heart beat, and attack can choose to keep distance from the heart eater.and head to the goal in each stage............OR.............Player can find and pickup the grande launcher, which hide somewhere in each stage,and kill the heart eater in one and only hit. so, Make your choice! good luck, and ESCAAAAAPE!!!


Executable or Installer


1. Click UDKInstall-TheEscaper.exe above to download it.
2. Launch UDKInstall-TheEscaper.exe to install The Escaper game into your Windows PC.

1. Click Windows Start menu and select All Programs and click TheEscaper.
2. That's all for launch.

Press "S" key or wait 10 seconds at the Title Screen.
After that, you are in the dark room, and an enemy is walking around to find you and stick your heat to kill. However, enemies couldn't see you, but enemies have super ear to hear your heart beat.

Key assaign:
WASD key to move, but it makes your heart beats faster.
C key to cruch and keep your heart beats slowly and silent.
Mouse or Arrow key to change direction.

If you want to quit the game, press Tab or @ key, and type "exit" and press Enter to quit.

Have fun! And please leave your comment on this page.



Unreal Development Kit, Blender, Photoshop, Cubase 6.0, East West, Perforce.


Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 02:00
Takanori Kurihara
Takada Yuma
Yuta Suzuki
gokusoku's picture
Go Haikan Pierre
Kazuki Ninomiya
Jun Shimoda's picture
Junya "Jun" Shimoda
Kazuhisa Minato


Leader, Main Programer: Kazuhisa Minato

Programer: Jun Shimoda

Game Designer: Go Haikan Pierre (Pierre Ng)

Game Designer: Takada Yuma

Artist: Yuta Suzuki

Artist: Takanori Kurihara

Composer: Kazuki Ninomiya

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