Game: Dicipher

A 3D dice puzzle game that combines pattern creation and recognition, and competitive strategy on a rearranging game board.

Executable or Installer


Download the .apk from an Android (2.3.3+) device and run it to install the game.  Run it as you would any other Android application.



Android device
Eclipse, Java SDK, Android SDK (APIs 10 and 14), Photoshop

Jam Site



Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 05:50

Source File(s)

Ramona Fankhara
Maren Fichter
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Don Berg
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Richard Sherry


J.F. DiMarzio - author of Practical Android 4 Games Development, on which the Dicipher engine is based

Peter Abeles - Creator of the Efficient Java Matrix Library

The Dicipher team members

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