Game: Dark Day LA

It is a gloomy and dark night in Downtown L.A. with a monstrous killer on the loose. Can the authorities prevent the slaughter, or will the hunter feed on its prey while the sniper shoots civilians... Controls Sniper (Mouse): The light follows your mouse cursor. Watch the civilians and try to spot the imposter, then shoot him by left clicking. If you kill three civilians, you lose the game. Controls Vampire (XBox-controller): press X (left top) or A (right bottom) to spawn. Use the left thumbstick to move around (try not to stand out too much) Press or hold A next to a civilian to drain its blood and gain life. the civilian will die shortly after you stop draining. Hold X to make a daring escape by transforming into a bat and gaining extra move speed, releasing decoy bats at the same time. If X is released, transform back into a civilian look-a-like Press B to act like you died (release to stand up again) Press Y to see a small dot on the vampire (in case you lose yourself behind a building) Kill five civilians to win the game and avoid getting shot by the authorities, if your blood reaches zero you die of thirst. Right trigger to laugh devious laughter.

Executable or Installer


The provided file is an installer. It's easy and straightforward.




Tools and Technologies

Game Maker (any product)
You need an XBox-controller and a mouse.


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 22:43

Source File(s)

Maarten Wiedenhof
Tom Jacobs
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Bob Jacobs
Valentijn Muijrers
Manuel Kerssemakers
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Thomas Kalksma


Bob Jacobs - 2D Art

Maarten Wiedenhof - Art Code

Manuel Kerssemakers - Code

Thomas Kalksma - Music

Tom Jacobs - 3D Art

Valentijn Muijrers - Code & Sound


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Submitted by Maarten on Sun, 01/27/2013 - 18:28

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