Game: DareDevil Diver

You are DareDevil Diver. While keeping your heart rate steady by collecting pills you have to skydive your way safely back to the ground by using left and right buttons. Hints: Every time you miss a pill your heart rate will raise. The higher the heart rate the more points you´ll get. But beware not to pump your heart rate too high because that will result loss of consciousness. Red Bull will instantly raise your heart rate. There are some special blue pills which will have a reversed effect to the player character when consumed with Red Bull.


Backwards: One or more aspects of the game works the opposite as would normally be expected: maybe the controller is reversed (left is right, right is left), maybe you win lives every time you die, maybe it scrolls to the left and your character moonwalks.

Executable or Installer



Mac OS X+
Web browser with special plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)

Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)


Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 13:31

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