Game: Crusty at Heart

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brief~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crusty is a heart who must navigate through 7 different stages of the body for exercise. If crusty travels too slowly then he will start to crust up with Cholesterol, on the other hand if he travels too fast he will suffer a heart attack and explode in a sudden burst of healthiness. Crusty's healthiness will be continued throughout each level and the end level difficulty will depend on how healthy Crusty the heart is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pickups~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On his adventures Crusty will come across four unique pickups. *Benecol - Makes Crusty more healthy *Cigarette - Makes Crusty less healthy *Adrenaline - Makes Crusty more healthy if he is travelling slowly, yet less healthy if he is travelling fast *Alcohol - Makes Crusty more healthy if he is travelling fast, yet less healthy if he is travelling slow Crusty must also avoid or seek bars and cafes based on how crusty he is. If Crusty walks past one of them then he will automatically go in them and consume either Alcohol or Coffee. Alcohol having the same effect as its pickup counterpart and Coffee having the same effect as Adrenaline. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Levels~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ####Ribcage#### - This is the starting area, Crusty should find it easy to move swiftly enough through his own territory consisted of bone and tendon platforms and vein ziplines. The only danger being a pool of blood at the bottom which will cause instant death if Crusty falls off a platform. ####Stomach#### - The second stage in the stomach proves to be a little more difficult than the ribcage, Crusty must not only avoid several bits of food flying around but also geysers of acid and chewing gum webs along with the standard pickups. A pool of acid will also reside at the bottom. ####Liver#### - The third stage is basically a race to the finish, a pool of alcohol will steadily be rising from the bottom but Crusty but make sure he doesn't travel too fast in case he gives himself a heart attack and not too slow for the alcohol will consume him. The alcohol pickup should allow Crusty to travel faster. ####Intestine#### - The intestine will involve walls getting smaller from either side as the level progresses, the player will have to navigate the standard platforms and some scar tissue platforms while occasionally dodging wind cloud farts. ####Kidneys#### - The kidneys will feature Crusty being chased by a massive kidney stone with a pool of water at the bottom, Crusty will have to travel fast enough to avoid being flattened by the kidney stone.


Bigger Picture: The game touches on a political, environmental or social issue.


3DS MAX, Adobe Photoshop, SDL


Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 13:20
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