Game: Core Defenders

Defend the Core of Yggdrasil and save the Planet! Beat the vicious dragons, and be prepared for the worst! The powerful Yotun Frost Giant await you! Feature: -Intuitive and Simple Gameplay. -Well Balanced Challenge. -Three basic different enemy. -A cool boss fight! -All packaged for you in less then 20 effective hours of TeamWork! And this is only the beginning! Stay tuned for the up-coming version of Core Defenders, it will take new Challenge, Level, Enemy and Strategic Boss Fight!


Stay Inside The Box: The whole game takes place in just one screen, no scrolling or changing screens in any way is allowed.
Approved for All Audiences: The game must not show any violence, not even cartoonish. Stepping on living mushrooms is off the list, as is killing any type of enemies, not even undead, though we know they’re already dead…

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This is the version for Mac OS X.

Play at the max resolution, and enjoy!



Mac OS X+
Android device

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Unity (any product)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 13:38

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Luigi Viagrande
guido.cannizzaro1's picture
Guido Cannizzaro
Riccardo Coco
Anthony Terribile


Riccardo Coco (Game Designer)

Luigi Viagrande (Programmer)

Scala Salvatore Omar (3d Modeler, Texturing)

Anthony Terribile (3d Animator, 3d Fx)

Guido Cannizzaro (Concept Artist, 2d Graphics)

And a really special thanks to Alessandro Viagrande :)

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