Game: Climb

PC wakes up in an abandoned office building with no knowledge as to how they got there. Exploration of the room shows that the building is the headquarters for a genetics modification corporation. The player must then explore the ruins of the building and observe clues in the environment to discover what has happened to leave society in ruins and to find whoever might be left. Character/Player wakes up on the first floor of an abandoned office building. There are no other people in sight. The entire room is in disarray and is partially destroyed. There are no clues on how the player has come to be in this predicament nor is there any explanation of what has happened in the environment. The player is then free to walk around the environment. They find all doors to the outside blocked/unusable. They are forced to walk around and explore the room. They find various clues to what has occurred, but not enough to put together anything remotely resembling a concrete idea. Overturned desks with names and titles printed on them indicated that this was once an office building. There are pictures on the wall, propaganda posters promoting genetic enhancements. From these images, it becomes clear that this was once the headquarters for the BioGen Corporation. There is also a sign next to the desk labeled “Registration” that indicates on which floor different offices/personnel can be located. Further exploration results in the discovery of a sign indicating the direction of the stairs. Following this sign will lead the player, as expected to a flight of stairs that leads to the second floor. Access to any further stories is blocked by debris. Entering the second floor, the player encounters more clues and more areas to explore. Eventually, the player will discover that, while the stairs may be blocked, there is a toppled book shelf that, if climbed, leads to a hole in the 2nd story ceiling, which is the 3rd story floor. From the 3rd floor the player can then make their way into a second room and jump down into a hole in the floor, back down to the second floor, where they can then access a secondary staircase, but climbing it leads the player to find that a large chunk of the building has been torn away and they only way to progress is to climb on the outside of the building. More propaganda posters and bilboards begin to appear, along with graffiti that gives even more clues as to what has happened in the world and why the character has found themselves in this particular place. A view of the surrounding environment shows that the entire world is in ruins, with a partially destroyed cityscape surrounding the building. The player is forced to utilize the environment, including various other surrounding buildings in order to work their way to the top of the building. As they continue to climb, they discover progressively more about the world and what has happened through propaganda, graffiti, glimpses into the windows of the building, and other environmental factors, and it becomes clear that the answer to everything lies at the top of the building.


Bigger Picture: The game touches on a political, environmental or social issue.



Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)
Photoshop, Maya, Garageband


Saturday, January 26, 2013 - 20:51
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Philip Miranda
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Ashley Dillin
Graeme Williams
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Peter Kenna


Ashley Dillin -  Writer/Creative Director

Graeme Williams - 3D Modeler/Designer 

Philip Miranda - 2D Artist/Music and Sound Designer 

Peter Kenna - Programmer

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