Game: Blood Trial

Blood Ritual Blood Ritual is a fun combination of Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros. In this ancient rituals four warriors fight to rip out each others hearts to sacrifice them at the top of a temple. The Warrior who earns the gods favor by sacrificing most hearts will be allowed to live after the trial.


Stay Inside The Box: The whole game takes place in just one screen, no scrolling or changing screens in any way is allowed.


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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 08:23
Benjamin Schug
Michael Kessler
Tobias Breitenbach
Dario Seyb
kirill krysov
Tobias Wehrum
Norbert Haacks


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Submitted by tobiasw on Thu, 01/31/2013 - 00:31

Since we couldn't upload in time and for some reason I cannot edit this entry despite being on the team, our download links are down here:

Jam Version:
Post-Jam Version:

Look out for new versions on!

(The jam version was finished and uploaded in the time limit, the post-jam version was at least started to be uploaded before the time limit ended.)

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