Game: Beat Hunter

In a distant future, Corporations send planetary scaled mining ships to the distant ends of the galaxy to harvest minerals. These ships, carry numerous crews on their stasis decks. These crews are mainly formed by miners, engineers and some maintenance janitors. You are one of these deep space janitors. Your current home is the RSS Hammunaptra, and it’s in the middle of its long way back home. As part of the hygiene program, the main IA, Svetlana, wakes you up from your cryo-stasis once every ten years. This is going to be your 24th time on duty since the ship closed its full cargo bay gates and left the asteroid field behind. Your job? Just find all these creepy crawlers which somehow manage to repopulate the cargo bay every ten years. Your tools of the trade? Well, just one, VESP. Its name stands for Vacuum Exterminator Scout Probe. Your VESP is equipped with all the gadgets you could need for facing these nasty bugs, namely: A flashlight, a pair of plasma repeaters, a pair of impulsors and the most important for you, an eco-doppler sensor. The parasites have developed amazing camouflage skills over generations of facing workers like you. Most of the times you won’t spot them at first sight and you will have to rely on the feedback from the eco sensor to search, locate and destroy these sneaky bastards. So be cautious and listen, every bug has a distinguishable heartbeat which will lead you to its location. Of course this won’t be an easy task, as some parasites will fight back and you may lose the VESP. Or maybe you won’t be able to kill all the parasites before your wake cycle ends. Either of these two options would be bad, because Svetlana won’t hessitate in waking up the captain if you don’t manage to control the plague, and that would mean you losing your earnings, your job and almost two decades of hard work reputation around the galaxy. So, open your ears and prepare to shoot every nasty bug in the basements!

Executable or Installer


Just double click on Beat_Hunter.exe and follow the instructions.

Move with WASD and hold SPACEBAR to move faster.

Look and fire with the mouse.


Have fun and don't forget to put your headphones on!



UDK, XSI, 3DSMax, Visual Studio, Flash, Photoshop, Audacity, Chronolapse


Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 18:36

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Jordi Garcia Cuesta
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Javier Gálvez Guerrero


Javier Gálvez Guerrero - Game design, programming

Jordi Garcia Cuesta - Game design, 3D art, concept art

Marc Valls Padrell - Game design, 3D art, environment art

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