Game: Beast

ABOUT Case #1312 - The Beast Original Incident: July 2nd, 1998 IMPORTANT Agents are advised to bring two Heartrate Monitors with them when reviewing Case 1312. CASE NOTES Case 1312 is regarding the polyform entity known as The Beast, and henceforth known as Entity 1312. This creature is a shape-shifting mass with no true form. It feeds on the bone marrow of medium to large mammals, and seems to have a preference for prey that has a sentience level high enough to detect its presence and therefore subconciously fear it. Entity 1312 will stalk its prey and silently attack it three times. Each strike will result in a plume of vaporized blood to emit from the Victim. Upon the third strike, Entity 1312 will morph out of its present form, revealing itself as a sentient mass. It will then proceed to violently feed upon its victim, breaking through the flesh and bone to suck out the marrow. Victims are often found barely alive and in absolute shock from having lived through the process. Entity 1312 appears to intentionally keep the victim alive during the process. The agency believes this is a form of entertainment to Entity 1312. CASE REVIEW In reviewing Case 1312, Agents will be placed in an environment with Entity 1312 and a large crowd of people. Entity 1312 will target one of these people. The agent is equipped with the capability of seeing and hearing the victim's heartbeat. When Entity 1312 is stalking the victim, the victim's heartrate will increase. The Agent will also be equipped with two additional Heartrate Monitors. The Agent can select a Heartrate Monitor, and then a person, to track that individual. While Entity 1312 will only track one particular victim, everyone is capable of detecting when Entity 1312 is within their vacinity. Killing Entity 1312 is extrodinarily difficult, and as a result the Agency is only capable of supplying one specialty bullet to the Agent. It is the Agent's responsibility to determine who is the Entity, and kill it. Agent's killed by the Entity will be completely disavowed by the Agency. It is suggested the Agent does not miss.


Stay Inside The Box: The whole game takes place in just one screen, no scrolling or changing screens in any way is allowed.

Executable or Installer


1.) Unarchive the game to where you wish to store it.
2.) Turn down the lights.
3.) Turn up the volume.




Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)
- Uses numerous Mixamo animations, and 2 Mixamo models. - Uses Mega-Fiers. - Uses NGUI

Jam Site



Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 23:05

Source File(s)






Game by Dave Calabrese
for Global Game Jam 2013


   Gun Shot Sound - Marvin,
   Demons Screaming In Hell - Mike Koenig,
   Scary And Eerie, Mark DiAngelo,
   Horror Ambiance, Mike Koenig,
   Monster Growl, Mike Koenig,
   Real Heart Beat, Mike Koenig,
   Heartbeat 2, Mike Koenig,
   Backwards Souls, Mike Koenig,
   Intro Windo, Mark DiAngelo,

The Armory of Loveland, Colorado
Global Game Jam Committee

And my ever patient fiancee', Kelly


CeruleanGames's picture
Submitted by CeruleanGames on Sun, 01/27/2013 - 23:12

Decided to try a survival horror route. First try really producing anything in the genre - was fun to make!

MichaelLCroswell's picture
Submitted by MichaelLCroswell on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 05:13

Really cool game.  Great concept and beautiful rendering and gui.  Spooky sounds, for sure.

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