Game: AutoDwarf (tm)

AutoDwarf (tm) (see credits)


Approved for All Audiences: The game must not show any violence, not even cartoonish. Stepping on living mushrooms is off the list, as is killing any type of enemies, not even undead, though we know they’re already dead…


Mac OS X+
Web browser with special plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Linux / Unix

Tools and Technologies

Unity (any product)
Assembla (Private-Free) Source Control Unity 4 (Free, Non-Pro) DropBox Excel, LibreOffice Brains


Friday, February 1, 2013 - 03:35
David Dimitri Little
Michael Davis
John R Moriarity
Gregory Allen Williams
Rand Williams
Carter V Maddux


Team Members: Rand Williams, Carter V. Maddux, Chris "Red Beard" Iserman, Tom Neidher, Micheal Davis, John Moriarity, Clayton Hall, David Little, Greg Williams, Erich Schuler.  

Voice actors: Megan Moffat, Wolfgang Eastman.  

Sound Effects: Sam Ewing


AutoDwarf (tm)

    Ooh, look. It's a dwarf.

    RUN, DWARF!!

    Careful! If you keep running like that, you'll get exhausted.

    Keep breathing, or you'll tire yourself out.

    Not like that, you'll get an infection.

    Oh, my.

    You need a little help, don't you, Dwarf?

    That's alright; we can help you.

    Oh, don't squirm, I'm just adjusting your brain a little.

    There you go.

    Now you should be able to run all you want.

    I've set you up with your own personal body regulator. <3

    In AutoDwarf, you play as the Autonomic Nervous System of a lonely dwarf seeking to restore the honor of his (or her!) family name by embarking on an epic quest to a far away land. The path is long, and the dwarf is... kinda out of shape. He's determined to run all the way to his destination, and it's your job to keep that from killing him. Regulate his adrenaline, breathing, blood sugar, heart rate, sight, and sweating to keep his body temperature in check, his blood oxygenated, his immune system fighting fit, his vision sharp, and his legs running, all without tiring the poor thing out.

The player has control of six [6] values:
-Blood Sugar
-Heart Rate
-Sight Focus

Three [3] values will be displayed to the player and will adjust themselves based on the values the player has control over:
-Core Temperature
    increases with:
        Heart Rate
        Environment Temperature, if higher than Core Temperature
    decreases with:
-Blood Oxygen
    increases with:
    decreases with:
        Sight Focus
        Running Speed
-Immune Strength
    increases with:
        Blood Oxygen
        Heart Rate
    decreases with

Two [2] values will be visible to the player in a non-numeric fashion:
-Running Speed
    increases with:
        Heart Rate
        Blood Oxygen
    decreases with:
        Blood Sugar
    is shown to player by adjusting the speed of the dwarf
-Vision Range
    increases with:
        Sight Focus
        Blood Sugar
        Blood Oxygen
    is shown to player by adjusting the camera's viewing angle

Energy is invisible to the player, but is expressed to the player through audio cues in the music and sound bytes from the dwarf himself (or herself!):
    increases with:
        Blood Oxygen
        Balanced Temperature [close to ideal]
        Blood Sugar
    decreases with:
        Run Speed
        High Temperature
        Low Temperature
        Immune Strength

    When healthy, if the dwarf's Immune Strength is below the environmental Infection Threshold, there is a chance for the dwarf to become infected each second. When infected, if the dwarf's Immune Strength is above the environmental Infection Threshold, there is a chance for the dwarf to become healthy each second.

    When the dwarf becomes injured, the dwarf will heal over time. The higher the dwarf's energy, the faster he will recover.
On his journey, the Dwarf will encounter:    That he must:

The Dwarf dies if:
    his heart rate is 0.0
    his Blood Oxygen is 0.0
    his Core Temperature is 0.0
    his Core Temperature is 1.0
    his Energy is 0.0
    he falls down
        deep crevasse
    he is caught


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