Game: An Astronaut's Tale

"Keep calm, Clear your mind of all distractions, and Follow the Star." Such is the premise of An Astronaut's Tale,, a peaceful and meditative float through the depths of outer space. Guide Raine the Astronaut by keeping your mouse pointer centered on the star (follow the shining line to it), even as it zips around erratically, lobs meteors to block your path, and makes false duplicates of itself to distract you. Stay focused and determined, and help her achieve her dream... Game Guide: -Just the mouse is required. no clicks, no keyboard, just move the little spark around, and hover it over the circle star for as long as possible to bring the little astronaut to the right. (Sound is recommended for the complete experience =) ) -The line links your mouse pointer to the star's location, along with a little spark that flows down the line. Follow it to the star! -Color change means a behavior change for the star. Light Blue is stationary, Red jumps off in a random direction, Blue has meteors that slow you down, Pink has false stars that also slow you down (find the Pink-LightBlue one, it's the real star!). version ggj2013 known issues: -no restart button/key. just close and open the .exe again to restart.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 23:49
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