Game: Achluophobia

Achluophobia is a card based strategy board game, where players take control of one of eight champions. Wield an army of 13 soldiers to pit battle against up to three other armies. Dominate there forces and take out there commanders to win, or locate the relics and construct the key home. Other requirements for the game other than the cards attached are D-6 for movement and combat. Rules of Achluophobia 2-4 players Players start out with 5 soldier units and 1 champion. With a reserve of 5 soldiers on the sideline. Players choose from a champion pool of 4 unique champions. Each player chooses a corner of the board to start out on. Players place their 5 starting soldiers onto the battlefield in whatever position you want, as long as they are all next to each other. Any player whose champion gets assassinated is out of the game and all units that person controlled leave the battlefield. Players roll a dice to determine the order they play in. Movement and Combat Players roll the six sided die to determine how many movements they can execute this turn. Players can’t move diagonally, only forward, left, right, and backwards. Combat begins when a soldier is adjacent to another enemy soldier. Combat is handled through a rock paper scissor system, where the player will be given 4 cards to choose from. The player who chose the winning card survives and the loser is sent to the sideline to be replaced by a soldier from the reserve. Sword beats shield, shield beats mace, mace beats sword. Champion Combat. When a soldier makes it to a champion’s corner the soldiers owner rolls a dice to determine what happens. 1 roll= move the soldier two spaces back 2 roll =move the soldier four spaces back 3 roll=hit with the mist (paralysis till players turn again) 4 roll =switch one soldier you own with one an enemy owns 5 roll =re-enforce the soldier by moving a soldier 1 space adjacent to the soldier attacking the champion. 6 roll =kill the champion


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